We uploaded a little video documenting ANDANTE project…

AVAILABLE HERE (couldn´t embed it within this post)

ANDANTE : Multiangled Soundwalking in Porto
Summer School in Sound and Music Computing & SID Training School on Interactions with Environmental Sounds
Casa Da Música , Porto, Portugal
July 18-21, 2009

By Niels Böttche, Reinhard Gupfinger, Vanessa de Michelis and Pablo Sanz Almoguera.
With the help and support of the tutors Stephan Baumann (DKFI) and Bram de Jong (Freesound Project).

Four dimensions of the soundscape of Porto were registered along three chosen routes within the city.

The audible range was recorded in binaural stereo together with ultrasonic frequencies, electromagnetic emissions, underwater sound and solid vibrations.

The gps coordinates of the walks were traced into a map which can be navigated with a Wii controller. It allows to change between the four sound layers, jump between the routes, move backward and forward and change the speed of the journey.


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