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The 2009 Sound and Music Computing Summer School will be organized as a Training School of the The COST IC0601 Action on Sonic Interaction Design (SID)The theme of this summer school is Interacting with Sounds of Porto. This summer school will explore the potential of recording, processing, sharing and interacting with city sounds.

This is the fifth SMC Summer School (after the Genova and Barcelona editions funded by the European Coordination Action IST-FET S2S² and later editions in Stockholm and Genova again) and the second Training School of the COST Action on Sonic Interaction Design. It will take place just before the 6th Sound and Music Computing Conference.

This Summer School aims at giving an opportunity to young researchers interested in the field of Sound and Music Computing to showcase their ideas, learn new skills and work with senior researchers. The School will cater to suit different student backgrounds. If your background is an Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Music, Art, Sound recording, Design, etc., there will be something new for you to learn at this Summer School.

There will be a selection of participants and we welcome applications of students from different backgrounds and will foster scientific and artistic cross-fertilization.


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