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End of the summer school

Dear all,

The summer school ended, but as Fabien said yesterday let’s keep in touch through the blog. I hope you had a nice time and you learnt a lot during these days.




PortificationPortification ARMmitePortification arduino

Some pictures of Portification (formally known as Sonifying Porto).

The prototype version consisted of 5 FSRs and 2 ribbon sensors that were glued on an alternative map of Porto and a webcam that was placed above the map.

For each FSR the audience could trigger 3 sounds (recorded at the same location) depending on the amount of pressure executed. For each ribbon sensor 5 sounds could be triggered depending on the position of the finger on the ribbon.

The webcam tracked the movement from the audience when they moved from one sensor to another and the sound evolved depending on that position. Unfortunately the light conditions were not optimal and the tracking could not be optimised.

We will continue to develop this prototype and further explore interface possibilities and the real-time modification of the sounds.


What used to be the UltraWaterExtraordinaryGigaGroup is now:


Andante: IntraSpectrum Sound Walk

The old title actually was a funny way of explaining all the different technologies that were being used to record the sounds. 3 different routes we agreed on being  remarkable for a visit in Porto were tracked by the GPS to be drawn in a audible map. The audio map contains a broad range of frequencies captured. We used a Gigahertz Sniffer to retrieve cellphones, bluetooth and wi-fi broadcastings (from 1 to 5.4 GH), than an ultrasound receiver (20 to 100KH), followed by binaural recordings and finally hydrophones for underwater and contact microphones for low vibrations.The special hidden channel of the mix was recorded with the banana mic, for the bio-protein frequencies.

Through MaxMSP we programmed the wii-controller to access this different dimensions of our routes through Porto, that can be followed in a googlemaps application, where you can go back and forth, accellerate, navigate the layers and jump through the different routes.

Route 01_Historical Center Alleys

Channel 01-Gigahertz

Channel 02-Ultrasound

Channel 03-Binaural

Channel 04-Underwater

Route 02_River and Ponte Luiz I

Channel 01-Gigahertz

Channel 02-Ultrasound

Channel 03-Binaural

Channel 04-Underwater

Route 03_Metro Trindade-Casa da Musica

Channel 01-Gigahertz

Channel 02-Ultrasound

Channel 03-Binaural

Channel 04-Contact Mic


Sneak Preview of Sonifying Porto – An Audio Tourist map or Finding the hidden sounds of Porto

Sonifying Porto - An Audio Tourist Map

Sonifying Porto - An Audio Tourist Map

Pictures and sounds…

As a reminder, here is the set of sounds on freesound, tagged with the tag “smc2009”:

A geotagging “shortcut” to porto:

… and here’s a first batch of pictures from my camera, I will add more to this set as the days go on:

Handmade Music, July 21st

Answering the call to spread the Handmade Music parties around the world – -, Digitópia will host a series of parties combining a show&tell and a jam session with unique instruments. From handmade hardware or software all the way to circuit bending, customized kits or original acoustic instruments, everyone is welcome at Casa da Música –úsica – around 9:30pm for assembling the instruments. We’ll provide some tables and power sockets, but only a few channels for amplification, so it is advisable not to rely on them. At 10pm we’ll open the doors – admission is free and we’ll have a bar! The first event will take place on July 21st, last night of the SMC Summer School and the night before SMC 2009. See you there!

on day 1…

Hello all,

Just so we are all prepared, on day 1 of the summer school -saturday 18th- you will be welcome at the registration desk in Casa da Música (in the so-called “Bar dos Artistas”), between 9h30 and 10h30.

Then we’ll start right away with the first lectures during the morning. During the morning coffee break, you’ll have the opportunity to hang your posters on the walls. It will stay on display for the whole summer school.

After lunch, we’ll have some short presentations by tutors and students, followed by some serious team building.

So we’d like to ask all students to prepare a 3-minutes “speed talk”, with no slides or electronic device of any kind, just old-school talking… where you will talk about your research, let everybody know why they should come and have a look at your poster, and let them know what are your plans for the school, whether you plan on working on your own project, or on a specific tutor’s project. 3 minutes is very, very, short, so come prepared 🙂

There will be wifi internet in all summer school rooms, so I’d like to encourage you to bring your laptops (although that’s not a requirement of course).

Keep posted for possible pre-summer school technical requirements… as for example to install some software on your laptops (if you bring any), etc… If you plan on bringing hardware or software with you, let us know beforehand.

Looking forward!

… the organisers